All Things Happy Daddy's Day.

What can I say about a Daddy, a Dad, a Father who -

  • takes the time to teach you how to ride a scooter and a skateboard.

  • watches you blow bubbles for hours.

  • pitches a tent in the backyard just to practice for the real campout coming up in a week and then spends the night with you in it .

  • makes you your favorite lunch - hot dogs, chips and lemonade.

  • reads your favorite book to you in the shelter of the tent.

  • ties you up to a rock and tells you to be a "good boy".

  • And to think, he did all that in one day - today, as a matter of fact. He did all that so I could have a Day of Peace and Quiet. And he did it, for the most part, without a word of complaining. Only when he couldn't hear the Giant's game did things get a little grumbly but who could blame him by then??

    To my husband and the daddy to our kids - Baby, I've never loved you more. Like we always say but never really fully grasp - it IS the little things that keep us going. And you're my Biggest Little Thing.

    I need to mention one other Very Important Father in our lives - my dad, our beloved Djedo. He is the rock that we anchor ourselves to and in the stormy sea of life, he is the one that holds our collective family together. He would tell you, very humbly, that he cherishes this role in our lives. But as a grandfather and a father, he does oh, so much more for us and for that and all the big, little things we thank him today and always.

    Go hug or call your fathers, uncles, men in your lives who have made an impact on the person you are today. Happy Fathers Day!

    (PS - Ken and Djedo, this is your Fathers Day card, with love !)


    keepingupwiththekids said...

    Happy Father's Day to Sophie - you must remember - they would not be father's if it were not for mother's!

    katarinas mama said...

    Trust me, Julie, in my book EVERY day should be Mother's Day. LOL

    momcat133 said...

    Great post! Happy Father's Day!

    katarinas mama said...

    Happy Father's Day to the Daddy in your house as well who is enjoying the same style breakfast - LOLz. Glad we went a-gathering together, L!!!

    m~ said...

    Well that was so beautiful, but you know my feelings on the matter *wink* he wouldn't be a father if he didn't have you! Yes, you are both very special! Happy Father's Day to the two of you!

    katarinas mama said...

    Marye,no one can quite crack me up, like you!

    Freeman Family said...

    Is my math wrong did you just do your 200th post?!!
    I love your blog!!
    Ready for school?

    katarinas mama said...

    Only you, Ms. Freeman, would notice something that passed me on by...I prattle so much that I missed that momentous milestone! LOLz.

    Thank you for stopping by the blog - I miss you. We need to do a playdate soon.

    No, not ready for school AT all!! You???