All Things Aceball.

In our Biggest Little City in the world, one of the biggest little pieces of news is our new Triple-A baseball team, The Reno Aces. They have a wonderful new ballpark right in the middle of downtown Reno and for Father's Day, someone pretty darn wonderful (hint: it was none other than me, gentle reader) purchased two tickets for Ken and Alex to go and see a game.

Apparently, there's not a bad seat in the place but their seats were right next to the Ace's dugout.

The Ace's manager is none other than Brett Butler. I will pause because this means something to some of you. I, on the other hand, was born in a foreign country where football means soccer. The Great American Past Time sails right above my head. But, I do appreciate the fact that a person who played 17 years in the Major Leagues and earned a number of key accolades will take the time to pose with a 10 year old fan.

Look at how close their seats were?

Alex managed to get four autographs and then the best prize of all - a ball! Ken captured his feelings in a text to me: tickets to Aces-$23, nachos and a hot dog-$10, four autographs and a ball-priceless.

After the game, the kids in the audience got a chance to run the bases. All in all, a very, very cool experience for father and son on a warm summer afternoon.

So go on, get tickets to a MLB game or better yet support your minor league or college teams by going to one of their games. Grab a hot dog, a cold beverage and then just sit back and enjoy the game. Play ball!

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