All Things Yee Haw.

Oh, note the panic on Bella's face. She'd heard that there were going to be fireworks at the rodeo. Yes, feel free to acknowledge the fact that there's plenty of daylight left. And don't forget to conclude that she is just like her Mama. Be prepared is our shared motto. Never too early to be prepared. Or to have a Plan B ready, just in case.

It was our third year attending the Reno Rodeo. I never thought I'd be a person who would actually enjoy an event like this - I mean seriously, people, there is first of all Dirt Everywhere. Then there are Farm Animals and their accompanying smell. But they do have salty snacks, hot dogs and umm, cold beer. Three things that are always handy on a summer night.

But the rodeo is fun, at times even, thrilling. Before you know it, you forget about the smell of manure and the fact that dust is all over you, your clothes and falling into every exposed pore of your skin and you just sit back and enjoy the show.

See more evidence of enjoyment??

Alex is no doubt a rodeo kid in the making. Please note that this year, after growing out of his black hat, he choose the white one. Hmmm. What he's leaving the Dark Side at age ten?? I simply can't have that!! Just for my Star Wars friends - "Always two there are - a master and an apprentice." Gotta lure him back slowly.

Not to be outdone, the reigning Rodeo Queen of our family was well equipped with her own pinkalicious head gear.

Another year, another fabulous evening at the rodeo. All in all, a well spent summer night.

Wishing you a just that - a cool summer evening enjoying something unexpected. Go on, look for it.


stephdc said...

looks like you had tons of fun :D We always enjoy our trips to the rodeo but unfortunately didn't get to attend this summer :P

katarinas mama said...

Oh Steph!! We did, we did!! I know, now I think the rodeo ::IS:: fun.

You will get to attend it next summer with Baby Gage in tow...the little cowboy that he will no doubt grow up to be!! LOLz.