All Things I Wanna Help.

There are definite advantages to having grandparents around. One that comes immediately to mind is that they have a fountain of patience that parents seem to lack. Well, perhaps we don't lack it per se, it's just exhausted by the daily wear and tear of screams and pleas and shouts of "Mama!"

But a grandparent's patience is never worn down. They'll even let you mix heaping bowls full of cheesy goodness and squeal over your delighted expression.

For the record, my mom was making cheese pita...and Bella showed up to "help". A captured moment of sheer delight on both sides of the generational equation...

Wishing you a moment of sheer delight today. Could be something that you never thought you'd do again. Or something you thought you couldn't do. Hurry, February is almost over.

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