All Things 100.

As every parent of an elementary scholar knows...the 100th Day of Kindergarten is a Big Deal. I mean it's the countdown to end all countdowns when you are part of it. And of course, Kata, our resident Kindergartner is in the Thick of It as usual.

So with the hundredth day upon us, last week, and also Valentines to write out for both Kata's and Bella's schools, we made it a family affair. Because that's what we do. You need something done? Call the five of us?? Trust me on this.

Alex is on Track Break still. So he gets to miss out on yet another Valentines Day. But if you think he wasn't part of the process, think again. He was the key. Sorting out all the cards for the girls and writing out Bella's name on hers. And don't worry he got to go to a sleepover that night with his BFF.

On the other side of the table, we were hard at work on our 100th Day Project. A festive vest made out of a grocery bag.

Kata, being Kata and a lot like someone else we know in our family, had to make things more complex than necessary. The project entailed wearing 100 things on your vest. Could have been buttons, or candy, or pretty much anything. Kata went with Disney Princess stickers...and...hold your breath for the formula...stamps! Yes, she had to do a combo. Fifty stickers and fifty stamps. If you think that was clever and fun - think again. With the Valentines Day Card process going on simultaneously, it was chaos.

Me - Kata, you have 48 stamps.

Kata - I do not. I have exactly 50.

Me - Yes, you do...see? 46, 47, 48. Ken, you're the accountant come count.

See Ken's happy face in the picture. Mhmmm. But once it was done, we were all thrilled, let me tell you. And she did a great job with design placement, didn't she?

The following day, the very 100th Day, I was in a frenzy. And Bella was napping. So I looked at Alex and said the magic words, "Go pick you sister up from school? Yes, by yourself. Hurry." And so he did.

He took his scooter and stood beside her, carrying her backpack on his scooter handles.

And I couldn't wipe off that look of brotherly pride, if I tried.

And her excitement at Big Brother getting to pick her up and them walking back by themselves. Now before you get too worried. This was an exception. And I am very paranoid, normally. But we literally, live just a few blocks away from the school. And they have no major streets to cross because our neighborhood backs into the school grounds. So...every once in a while, I let go...and we have a milestone.

I wish you a moment of Letting Go but I know how hard that truly is so I'll tell you to Hold On instead. If you're like me and my children, that little bit of reverse psychology will work on you. Go on, hang on, now.


Freeman Family said...

I so look forward to your posts! Have great day!!

katarinas mama said...

Kathy, I look forward to yours. Almost like our little chats at School Drop Off/Pick Up. Sigh. I miss those.

Ladybug said...

Oh my gosh you are just amazing! Not only do you write a detailed blog, but pictures to go with it! But knowing you from the "business" side you were always WAY more creative than me! I can relate to "letting go" if you will, once Alexa got her driver's license it was very strange to say, "Alexa go pick up your brother, or Alexa can you run to the store and get some milk?" When we moved in June, we ran out of tape and boxes or needed a food run, it was Alexa here is some money go get this...and then she drove my car from Bakersfield to Salinas, following behind Russ who was driving the Uhaul truck. 230 miles.....very strange indeed.

I second the comment from Mrs Freeman, I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing the unique pictures you take to go with it.

katarinas mama said...

Oh Ladybug!! I adore you!! I cannot believe Alexa has her DL...aaarrrghhh, time is flying way too fast...I think Zach was Alex's age when we met...actually, younger. Wow!

Ms. Kathy and Ms. Cheryl - thank you for your comments - I wuvs u both!! *air kisses*