All Things Tea Party.

There are some famous tea parties out there. The Boston Tea Party. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. All valid in their own way.

But then, there are our tea parties. And they have their own themes and uses. This one was the Track Break's Almost Over and We're Killing Some Time So Let's Have A Tea Party. I am sure you've attended these before. If not, next time, we'll be sure to send you an invite.

See, first we make the tea. And set out our prettiest tea cups and saucers. Of course, there are plenty of biscuit-like cookie treats in lieu of scones and sandwiches. Or in a pinch, we clean out the Girl Scout cookies from our pantry.

We wear our grandest hats.

Invite the finest of our dolls. Sometimes there are even surprise guests.

And when it's all consumed and put away, we feel better. Isn't that the very purpose of tea time? Not sure, but this theory works for us.

In the mean time, yes, you noticed that Alex got a haircut. Finally. And I completed the infamous Gryffindor scarf. Track Break can now, indeed, end.

Wishing you a tea break. Enjoy. And yes, watch out for those surprise guests, some of them can be quite deadly (that's a nod to my Twilight friends).


m~ said...

Well, I'm totally insulted! I can't believe I didn't get invited to that particular tea party! You know how I love me some stale GS cookies and SFB! *grins*

katarinas mama said...

Marye. Whenever we play with Pocket Edward from now on, we will automatically generate an invite to you.

Katie said...

*dies laughing at E* That is hysterically. You know he'd do anything for you *snickers*
Your kiddos are adorable!!!

katarinas mama said...

Yes Edward, even in Pocket Form, is very gracious. LOLz.