All Things Science Fair.

Alex was dying to enter the Science Fair again this year, especially since he met with some success last year. But, it was a struggle to get anything done this time. Because Alex is Off Track, we had trouble just getting the materials we needed from his school and in our overscheduled life, it was definitely a battle just to carve out the time necessary to complete the process.

But in the end, Alex buckled down and finished the experiment, he struggled over the write up but managed to turn it in -

And he was rewarded for his efforts -

Sometimes things take longer than you want them to, there are obstacles to overcome but there's also a drive that pushes you along that bumpy road and in spite of your desire to stop, you keep going.

Sometimes, you get rewarded for your perseverance. This was one of those times.

Wishing you a reward for your perseverance. I know you deserve it at as well.

And for the record, First and Second Place winners go on to the Regional Science & Engineering Fair at the University of Nevada, Reno. You know we will let you know our results there in March. Wish us luck!


Freeman Family said...

Good Job Alex!! Good job Mommy!!

m~ said...

Tell Alex I said congratulations. I know how hard it can be trying to get them to buckle down, then they go and do something amazing!

Ladybug said...

Way to go Alex, keep up the good work!!!!!! Hard work and dedication will always pay off.

katarinas mama said...

Thanks everyone!! He is pleased. And once again, a lesson learned for both son and mother. Sigh. Do these ever end??

I know, I know - er, no.