All Things What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Our oldest daughter was born on New Year's Eve, so every year we have a special reason to celebrate on that fateful day. Although I had a scheduled c-section for January 6th, the little darling picked her very own birthday and chose the very last day of the year to make her entrance at 12:18 pm. For those of you who know our Kata, this makes complete sense. Once a Diva, always a Diva.

Well today,Our Darlingest Diva turned six. Half a dozen years accumulated already. And I always think back to that night, holding this little baby, her dark hair sticking up every which way...watching "Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve" (before Ryan Seacrest tainted that show forever)...and wondering what the Fates would have in store for her. Six years later, I can conclude that she's had a pretty good run so far. She's smart, articulate, creative, funny and Extremely Dramatic. A perfect New Year's Eve Child.

Grandma Sandi has joined in to help us celebrate these last few days of the year and as usual, the kids have dominated her time. Nothing quite like a Game Day with our Maka. Here they are sinking each other's Battleships.

The day was filled with well wishing phone calls from friends and family. And we occupied ourselves with filling the Birthday Girl's Requests, everything from chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast to dark pink Oreo cupcakes for her birthday treat.

She made everyone Very Special Cupcakes. Alex's had blue eyes as did Ken's. But for me (see above image), she made an Edward Cupcake - note the topaz (okay, yellow) eyes to represent my favorite fictional character. The girl already knows her way around diplomacy. Watch out State Department in about twenty years, you may gain quite a negotiator.

Another birthday wish...may it come true.

And more presents...these truly thrilled her. A friendship bracelet kit from her fabulous Godmother (thank you Kuma Alisa!), Petshop Pets and an MP3 player of her own from Maka. We may now have lost her forever to anti-social behavior as she hums along to Jonas Brothers, High School Musical 3 and yes, the Twilight soundtrack (because darn it, I am raising her right!).

Nothing can take away these Milestone Images...

Or the one shot of The Familia...note how we cannot get all of us to look at the camera...it's just too hard, we're too antsy in anticipation of a Brand New Year.

Wishing you a Clean Slate as you face 2009. And for us? A year of Positive Changes. It'll be better than 2008. It just has to be.


Freeman Family said...

You guys are so cute!! I love the picture!!

katarinas mama said...

Yeah...well it's hard to get all of us to focus at once, isn't it?? Glad that school started...I love our regular nightmarish rhythm, don't you??

Freeman Family said...

From Oct. to Feb. break is so broken up I'm really glad when they are in school. And my kids are freaks they like schedules and regular bedtimes!

katarinas mama said...

Yup so are we...we like the pace of schedules. Otherwise, chaos and tantrums reign!!