All Things Spoiled.

When you're three and a half, you get to do a lot of errands with your Stay At Home Mother. While the other two were in school, Bella and I braved a run into the Post Office.

They were Fully Staffed with three windows open...welcome to the holidays...and No Line. I know, I know...another Holiday Miracle to behold. We eagerly handed over our packages and waited for the measuring and weighing process.

Bella asked to be picked up so she could view the entire procedure. That's when she spied the stamps and asked the postal employee in her most polite voice if she could have one. Love living in our small town - because of course, he said "yes."

Guess which one she picked?? Why the one most suited to her personality - spoiled.
Wishing you a day of sheer spoilage. Not the Rotten Kind but the Be Good To Yourself and Others Kind. Merry. Merry.

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