All Things Ornaments.

There's nothing sweeter than the Ornament Hanging Process, is there?? We get to unpack all the treasures of old and add some new ones each year.

The kids love it. Hanging up all their favorites - the Baby's First Ornaments, the glue and glitter creations from preschool days past and present.

Their favorites are the glass ones...as Bella calls them - The Breakables, which have amazingly survived for years even decades.

But the sweetest gift of all is not one we can unwrap - it's the gift of family. In our case, grandparents. My Mom and Dad are here this week and we're enjoying them immensely and we're looking forward to Grandma Sandi's visit later in the month.

Wishing you all a (((hug))) physical, mental or virtual...be good to yourself as we count down to Christmas.


Brittney said...

How fun! Your kids look like they're having a blast!

katarinas mama said...

We do have fun with the ornaments...I try to have a glue gun on standby...because I am a Type A Mama...sigh.