All Things Red, White & Blue Christmas.

So on Tuesday, the day before Alex got his braces off...oh, let me pause a moment here.
In case you thought that this Type A Mama was uber-organized, I am now caught in the act of being absolutely positively caught up in Last Minute Everything. So I apologize for confusing the sequential timeline.

Alex's Christmas Recital on that said Tuesday was certainly the most creative and well rehearsed presentation at an elementary school that these tired eyes have witnessed. No, it's not just because he's my son, although that does play a large part in the conclusion.

You see, his music teacher went with a Patriotic Christmas Theme. I know what you're thinking and I thought it as well. But, it worked.

Alex got the prestigious role of the Father of Our Country, none other than the First President of the United States - George Washington. Because I was pressed for time and let's face it clueless as to how to sew Patriot Wear, we decided to dress him as a modern day politician and his music teacher supplied the fabulous wig. Tell me you wouldn't vote for that slick haired, blue eyed, dark suited young candidate?

The girls were ready and waiting to see their brother all wigged out. And when he appeared we held our applause for the raucous end. He even did a congo line with Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Yankee Doodle! I'm telling you it was a sight to behold.

It was quite a night. And the next day we awoke to...that's right, more snow. See the next storm front coming in on the left hand side? Yes, we're in for a White Christmas. And no, I wouldn't have it any other way. I just wish it would melt immediately the next day.

Wishing you a moment where you re-group. Just like I did right now. A moment to catch up and sit back and admire the season before it passes by.


Mina said...

Kids are soooooo cute! Your parents' visit today huge joy, finaly got your blog address, addictive stuff, must sleep, read more other day.. turning off with a smile, will dream all things merry.....


katarinas mama said...

So glad you found us on-line! We miss you!! I can hardly wait to see new pictures of M&L. They must be sooo big as well!!!

Hope you are all feeling better. I'm nursing my own Mama Does Too Much cold. It's not fair for mothers to have colds, is it???

Mina said...

We miss you too! I 'll send the photos when Daddy Never Has Time does a bit of upgrading for Mama Can't Fix Computer.

Yes, we are almost like new. Zeljko had pneumonia?! Hope now he learns something about sleeping more than three hours. As soon as he could move a finger - left for work.

It's not fair that daddies get sick too, than mammies have to be daddies as well, cold or not.

When in Bay Area - MUST come to SF!
Let us know when, kids will have great fun, parents and granparents - just as much, I am sure.

katarinas mama said...

When in Bay Area - we will stop by...we're a party in our own right so just be prepared.

Daddies and Mommies should never, ever get sick! Tell Zeljko to feel better from all of us!

And also tell him I am the Geek Girl around here...I get to be in charge of All Things PC...so after he finished laughing, you can pick him up off the floor! Ken just breaks things that have anything that has technology in it. :-D

I miss you guys! Promise, when/if you're out here you will come and visit and stay with us. Just be patient, we're quite the zoo!!

Mina said...

Geek Girls in great demand! I'll comiserate with Ken, yet no braking necessary. I love antiques, yet as computers go all and everything about them becomes antique as soon as it's out. Me like papyrus, smoke signals and telepathy.

Can't wait to see you anywhere. Agree on everything but staying with you. We too a show, more like a traveling circus. Mommy goes crazy worrying about breakage and all inclusive hell, BYOB (bring your own brats). Kids looove hotels, I like little sanity that I have left. But snow, outside fun, public places and inside visits limited to one-hour-and-twentyfour-minutes are best.

katarinas mama said...

There is nothing breakable in this house. Three kids plus a canine have broken anything that could have once been remotely fragile. Not to worry.

As for papyrus, smoke signals and telepathy you had me giggling. I prefer pixels, html code and ultra fast broadband. Although telepathy would be a very good thing as well. Not so much the former two!

All inclusive hell, I mean, comfortable accomodations await you in our casa...as they say mi casa es su casa.