All Things Échappé.

Because over sixty of the studio's students were involved in various holiday productions around town, Ms. Diane decided to eschew the Holiday Recital this year. Instead, she choreographed their classes around a holiday theme.

Bella tapped happily with tambourines and maracas to a semi frantic holiday samba alongside her favorite partner, Charlie. He's the little boy who does his best to ignore all of the girls in pink leotards. I don't blame him. I would ignore their frothy, little, over excited presence as well, if I were a four year old boy.

And then it was Kata's turn. They stretched carefully catching snowflakes on their noses.

And did an interpretation of the Spanish Dance from the Nutcracker.

And then a lovely candy cane inspired dance...

Which ended in professional curtsies for the audience.

What's not to love about a well thought out ballet class? After all it is a chance to practice our Échappés.

Échappé - noun, plural é⋅chap⋅pés; Fr. [ey-sha-peyz, ey-shap-eyz; Fr. ey-sha-pey] ptp of échapper - to escape. A ballet movement in which the dancer jumps from the fifth position and lands on the toes or the balls of the feet in the second position.
It's Kata's favorite ballet move and I have to admit a love of the word's origin - to escape. We all need to practice Échappés in our life and I for one promise this time, that I will practice what I suggest...whether it's in dance or in song or in attitude...I promise, I will escape for a little while today. You should, too. Go...do it...Échappé!


momcat133 said...

Great pix! And Miss Diane is a smart person! I hear it gets really hard to keep kids committed when there are 70 or so nutcracker performances in the area! I like the in-studio performances the best - everyone is more relaxed!

katarinas mama said...

So true...getting us to commit to anything this time of year is a nightmare...scout meeting tonight, music recital tomorrow, etc...it truly never ends. But Ms. Diane has a way of making everyone, including parents, behave...if anyone could do it she could...we
<3 her because she's so darn strict and wonderful at the same time!

Freeman Family said...

Okay seeing those pics remind me how much fun it was to have 2 tiny little girls doing tiny girl things. You make me want 2 more girls!!

katarinas mama said...

Kathy darling, I say Go For It! I know that we both enjoy the Sister Moments...so very pink!