All Things Christmas Pageant.

Ah, St. Anthony's Annual Christmas Pageant. It was only our second year putting on, or should I re-state that, attempting a Christmas Pageant, so be kind to us, please.

There were approximately twenty five little ones and the ages ranged from almost 2 to 12 years of age. Bella and Kata were angels this year. And Hell didn't freeze over. So we'll call it a success! They were so proud of their wings, can't you tell?? So fluffy and white??

Alex, after playing Joseph last year, wanted a smaller albeit pivotal role. So he chose, King Herod. He really wanted to be a Bad Guy (his words). With that expression and the blond hair and blue eyes? He'll have to work on it.

Kata's halo, although always slightly tilted...stayed miraculously on throughout the pageant.

Here's Alex marching down the aisle, like a proud king.

Alex is almost busting up here standing next to his High Priest and the Angels. Father George must have been narrating King Herod's part.

And I had to include a picture of our Three Wise Men. Aren't they precious??

The final shot of all the kids and Father George. So beautiful with the icons and the light hitting the stained glass window.

Well, we're almost done. All I have left to do is bake Santa's cookies. He's very picky, that Elf. And bring our cookie platters over to the our neighbors, it's our treat to them this time of year...for putting up with all our noise and nonsense in the last twelve months.

And then I am hoping for some peace and quiet...as in sleep in heavenly peace. Just for a few hours before the kids start screaming down the hallway and into our room that Santa has once again made his way to Reno. Wishing you the very same. Quiet followed by incredible yet joyous shrieking.


Freeman Family said...

Merry Christmas!! Have agreat break!

katarinas mama said...

You too...enjoy your Party of Six!!!