All Things Yes We Can.

I am sure you already guessed that we were glued to our TV set last night, waiting for the results. Alex had a map of the United States and was labelling the states red or blue as the results came in. For once, the kids didn't ask to turn to the Disney channel.

We made a batch of Obama cookies and waited and waited and waited. The girls tried on their new Christmas dressed over their regular clothes. Sigh. But they were so thrilled to wear their fancy party clothes.

At one point, Alex turned to me and said, "Mama who is your favorite president of all time?"

Without a pause, I answered, "Abraham Lincoln."

"But he was a Republican, Mama."

"That's when the Republican Party was good," I quipped back.

Who knows who he will vote for when it's his turn, but I hope all of my kids understand the right and the priviledge as well as the process of voting. And that they do it - every single time.

And when the results came in, Alex was the first to announce, "I shook his hand a few weeks ago! I shook the President of the United States' hand!!" Yes you did, little dude, yes you did.

The above picture is one I took at the UNR rally that Alex and I attended. He looked so determined and sure as he walked down the long runway to shake hands. I love that photo and I am glad I was there to witness history. Now the real work begins.

To all of you who have followed our political adventures from the January Caucus up until today - thank you! It's been quite a ride.


Lorraine said...

Well done! The cookies look yummy, the children look happy and involved. Good times all around!

Lorraine said...
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katarinas mama said...

That's us on the surface a happy little family. Underneath...always a mess but isn't that the goal...to put the "fun" back in dysfunctional???