All Things All Hallow's Eve.

It all started for us the Day Before Halloween. We had three parties to go to that day. The first was Bella's Preschool Party. See how thrilled she was to be there in her Princess Aurora outfit??

Kata was dressed up as Alice in Wonderland, complete with required white tights, black mary janes and a black bow in her hair. Cannot be more authentic, eh? All she needed was a White Rabbit and a Cheshire Cat in tow.

Her Kindergarten put on a little show for the families and we had fun waiting for it to begin.

And then it was showtime? Well rehearsed and well acted, let me tell you. And yes, well worth the price of admission - free.

Pumpkin carving time. Alex requested a ghost pumpkin for his Cub Scout Halloween Party. He had a blast and actually did an Open Mike joke -

Q: Why did the police take away the computer's driver's license?
A: Because it crashed.

Pretty funny those Scout Jokes. Watch out Jerry Seinfeld!

Bella requested a Sleeping Beauty Pumpkin.

Alex a dragon.

And Kata wanted Snow White.

Here we are getting ready to go out into the Big Scary Night.

Fully posed as a Sleeping Princess, a Telmarine Prince and a Girl Who Follows a White Rabbit Down a Rabbit Hole.

Alex is totally into the Chronicles of Narnia (hmm, I wonder who is influencing this??) and loved his Prince Caspian costume.

Of course, I couldn't resist the temptation to wear a hat...perfect, don't you think? Watch out Hogwarts, there could be a new professor coming your way.

Ken, having learned from all those past Halloweens that the girls get tired easily brought the little red wagon along. So smart that man is - so smart.

And because he couldn't resist temptation, he had to try on my witch's hat.

Of course, out littlest had to follow in her Daddy's footsteps. Note the chocolate around her mouth? Yes, we were enjoying the loot.

I saved the best for last...one of the gals over at Twilight Moms created this very special pumpkin just for me. Let me tell you, this will be up at least until the movie's premiere. What a piece of art. Now I have to tempt her to work on a Narnia one for me?!?!

Wishing you a Not So Scary Moment today. And keep in mind how well those little tiny chocolates go with your morning coffee or tea.

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