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I know, you've been waiting with bated vampire breath to read my review of "Twilight."

I have to admit that after seeing the Midnight Screening on Friday morning, I was left with a Not Like The Book But It's Still Good feeling. Oh, there were parts that bothered me...a LOT...especially a much loved, pivotal scene that was completely altered and not for the better or so I thought at the time.

But then, I snuck in to see it again yesterday afternoon. Ken, earning himself a Great Daddy & Husband Award, took the kids to see "Bolt" all by himself. Fortunately Bella, who hadn't napped at all that afternoon, fell asleep almost immediately and Kata curled herself up in the chair and dozed. So, no one needed a Bathroom Break or two or three and no one whined about Equal Candy Distribution. The stars had aligned for us once more.

So upon viewing the movie again and knowing more of what to expect, I thought hey, this is
quite good. Yes, things were not Exactly Like the Book. They couldn't be. The movie was already two hours long.

But on its own merits the movie presents the original concept of the book - a great and impossible love story. And it captures you in its plot and holds you until you are rooting for the couple to make it. The changes, which originally irritated me, made sense when I took into account the movie's need for plot continuity and fast paced character development.

My recommendation? Go and see the movie this week. And I wish you a moment like I had - an escape into the plot of beloved characters and a chance to get lost in their problems and resolutions for at least two hours.


Tracy said...

Based on that review, I will take myseld to the movies. I was hesitant but you have convinced me that it will be alright!

katarinas mama said...

It will be alright...suspend belief that Book Must Be Like Movie...and enjoy...sometime after the infamous car crash scene it all clicks - and we get our Edward.

Laura said...

Yes, that was exactly how it was for me -- I had to see it the first time to get all the expectations out of the way and then the second time was able to appreciate how wonderfully the story was woven for the big screen -- I will see it again tomorrow b/c I am completely obsessed! LOL

Great review!

Laura :)

katarinas mama said...

Funny how many of us Admittedly Obsessed Ones seem to relax and like it more with subsequent viewings! BTW, loved the red eyes on your blog!!!

Freeman Family said...

I think I'll have to see it again. I felt like it left me wanting more. And the parts they left out bugged me but I think it is because I just finished the 3rd book. Good job not spilling the beans(on the movie). That is great Ken stayed with the kids! What did he think of Bolt?

katarinas mama said...

Hey, Ms. Kathy, you'll definitely like it better the second time around!! Trust me on that. And I'd love to see it at least once more, myself.

As for "Bolt." The kids loved it and Ken gave it a "good." What a good hubs, letting me see Edward again, eh?? ;-D