All Things Say Cheese.

So here it is...our 2008 Holiday photo. Oh, I am sure you will all get one in a few short weeks via our Christmas Card List. And no, for the record, I have not started on the Holiday Newsletter...you can all now collectively let out a breath. I am not that organized, folks.

The picture below is that Sister Kiss photo that we will use as a Major Bribe in years to come. There's a lot of mixed feelings because I know that the time for these types of Cute Shots is rapidly slipping away. After all, Alex will turn double-digits in April. Cuteness, at some point, has to end. No doubt replaced by Pre-Teen Dourness and then flat out Teen Angst. The latter, I am looking forward to because I'm drawn to the Dark Side myself - I feel a little more prepared at least.

And then today I realized that we only have a few weeks to get things in order before the Holidays are upon us. And I have to admit that we're slowly getting things done on our Never ending List of Chores. For example, just now I am off to clean out the girls' wardrobe. I may not return for a while. Perhaps I'll end up in Narnia. I could only wish.

Wishing you a Get Things Done Moment. Yes, we will ::ALL:: feel better if we just do it.

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