All Things Visiting Santa.

So last year, we enjoyed a carriage ride with Santa at the Summit Sierra Mall. But given the chance of snow flurries, blustery winds and all out blizzards in our parts, Santa wisely moved himself into Dillards this year.

And I don't blame him. Truly, I don't. I, too, would want to be inside the relative comfort of a department store that carries such luxury items like Ed Hardy purses and Donald J Pliner shoes. I mean if he has a sudden urge to douse himself with Juicy Couture's Dirty After Shave Tonic, well, he has to look no further than the first floor. It's just so much handier that way.

Needless to say, we marched in confidently to the Children's Department where who but the Man in the Red Suit himself...please note, he was sporting a rather intricate brocade vest this year. Very fancy. Very Victorian...was waiting for us. And no one else. It was one of those Christmas Miracle Moments. No line for Santa. Way cool.

Bella, didn't hesitate this year but jumped on his lap and immediately told him that she wanted a Barbie. Kata, on the other hand, provided details of everything but the bar codes on her Wish List items. She is my Shopper-In-Training for certain.

Alex was a good sport. He's getting into that phase where reality sets in slowly. It's probably our last Christmas filled with True Believers.

Santa had a handy dandy Elf, named Mistletoe, who made these wonderful balloons. This exercise will clue you into their personalities - Kata asked for a candy cane. Alex for a sword. And Bella, well Bella, asked for a mermaid. And she got it.

Wishing you an unseasonably warm moment, real or perceived. We certainly enjoyed ours today. Happy December everyone.


Lorraine said...

Dude! No Christmas music? Better get on that...L.

katarinas mama said...

Exactly, why I love you, girlie! Yeah, holiday music will arrive only for that week...I'm just not in the mood right now :-D.

But, I thought the current selection was very ecclectic and holiday inspiring...maybe. Come on Green Day?? Doesn't that smack of "holiday" music to you???