All Things Special Birthdays.

We are so blessed to have two people in our lives who not only share the same birth date but the same zest for life - our Maka and our Auntie Daphne.

And because I'm in a Twilight-themed mood (and yes, I ::made:: them both read the series) a little tribute to the two ladies who hold a special place in our hearts.

To our grandmother, mother and friend we love how you love us unconditionally, have an infinite supply of energy to play board games, read to us and watch cartoons over and over again.

You are always there to lend a hand, say the right thing when we need to hear it the most and provide the support when we feel like our foundation is slipping away.

Happy, happy birthday to our Maka!

There are a few people who enter into your life and provide a sprinkling of magic. Our Auntie Daphne is certainly one such person.

She is an unbelievable spark in our lives. Always there with a giggle and a proper beating (trust me, that' s an ongoing joke between her and the kids and yes, you just had to be there for that one). Her visits with us fill us with memories that are unforgettable.

Happy, happy birthday Auntie Daphne!

We only wish we could be there to stick our fingers in your birthday cakes before you even get a chance to blow the candles out. Because for us there's nothing sweeter than a little frosting before the wish!

Wishing you many, many, many happy years to come!


Freeman Family said...

Okay, totally consumed, I started last week now I'm on the 2nd book slower than normal but with 4 kids not bad. Loved them can't wait to see the movie!! Cute pics!

katarinas mama said...

I loved the second book it's my favorite...let me know if you want to see the movie...it's out on Friday!!! Advice for the second book - slog quickly through the depression, Jake parts...there's a wonderful part at the end that's worth the wait, let me tell you!

Jen Guthrie said...

Happy belated to Maka...thought of her but computers down...so pass it along please. Your kids are so cute and I am so excited to see the movie at 12am thursday night...20 degree weather-5 teenagers-FUN! I am a stephanie myer fan...did you read the host...way good too!

katarinas mama said...

Hey Jen! Yes, of course, I read the Host. Still prefer the Twi-series tho'. And mhmmm, got midnight show tix for Thursday...with my friends 2 teenagers and their 2 friends. Wish you were here so we could have a bigger Mom Contingent!!