All Things Cupcake Day.

So my Best Friend at Work (yes, I am still a SAHM...but this was years ago...and the woman earned her title...she really did...we went through so much at that particular work place...and thus the title stays even though we've moved on to different adventures...and no, it's not to be confused with my Best Friend Forever, that's you, Lorraine-y...no one can take that away from vous!)...anyway, Susan, introduced me to the concept of Cupcake Day.

See, when you are a new mom, you have ::NO IDEA:: what is ahead of you...and just when you think you've found some sort of Zen Balance...you discover...oops! there's something else out there that you should/could/would be doing...if you only had the time...so the Mothers Guilt thing kicks in and you sleep a little less but you get that new task completed nonetheless...and your friends are always there to buoy you through it...thank God for that!

The tradition goes something like this...on the day your little darling celebrates his/her birthday, you are supposed to bring a treat...ergo, the cupcakes...to class...and they should be homemade...because that's the best...and nothing but the best for your little shnookums...

So after years of buying cupcakes and scraping off half of the store bought frosting to make it look like I made it...I've given into actually baking treats.

Fortunately, I've heard rumours that the tradition stops around Fourth or Fifth Grade...which would be perfect because by that time, Bella will be in Elementary School...and I am convinced that there is a Law of Nature in effect protecting mothers from making Too Many Home Baked Treats in a year...thank goodness.

This year Auntie Daphne, the rested soul that she is, helped out. And we had perfect "9s" decorated in M&Ms...just like Alex wanted.

Here's wishing you friends like Susan, Lorraine and Auntie Daphne...who get you through your Cupcake Day moments...have you called your BFs lately?? Drop them a note today or give them a quick call...they'll be happy to hear from you.

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