All Things Pop Fly.

Okay so our fifteen minutes of Fame are ticking away...

Things You May Not Know About the Riggsbys Musical Tastes (or File Under - My How The Times Have Changed) -

  1. We listen to a lot of Childrens Music.
  2. We only like 3 Childrens Music Singers - Ralph's World, Laurie Berkner and Justin Roberts...we listen to a lot more but only like those three.
  3. I, for some unknown reason, am on the Parents Board for two of these singers. Although I've always loved music...and the music of the above mentioned three doesn't make me want to cut my ears off or scream into a hamper full of dirty clothes...moreover, I can actually stand to hear the songs over and over and over again...unlike some others (insert the name - The Wiggles).
  4. One of the singers, Justin Roberts, asked for some photos to use in his video.
  5. You got it--the kids are all in the new video.
  6. The CD will be released in May and the video should be playing on Noggin shortly after that.

Here's what to look for in the video-

  • Look for Alex at the first chorus...he's third from the left.
  • In the second chorus, Kata is at the very end on the right.
  • The end shot of everyone in the background, Bella is at the far left, top, second row right after the chorus with the airplane.

The kids think they're famous...we're just thrilled that the pics made it in and didn't end up on the cutting room floor...but who could resist such pale faced kiddlettes???

Wishing you a moment of fame...just a moment...don't waste your entire 15 minutes by any means...it's ultimately not worth it!

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