All Things Chips and Salsa.

So the http://www.renotahoemoms.com/ message board scheduled as Kata kept calling it...a Field Trip...to our local Chevys for a tour of their kitchen...wow, what a tour...when we arrived they had our tables all decorated with sombreros...the girls immediately donned theirs on...please feel free to remind me of this in their college partying years...It All Started Here...the sombreros and well, the drinks.

The kids got to pour their own drinks from the soda fountain...Bella discovered that faucets could indeed run lemonade and I am sure in her soon-to-be-three-year-old head she wonders why our faucets at home don't spout soda and juice...it was all over her hands...but in a nice save by the wonderful Chevys manager...she managed to get her cup full.

Oh we were so happy as we headed into the kitchen to meet Chef...he was full of explanations...showed the kids the giant fridge...and yes, indeedy, everything is fresh...they showed the trays of cheese, roasted tomatoes, avocados...yummy...

As we walked over to their giant industrial mixer, he demonstrated to the kids how to make salsa...the preschoolers all gathered eagerly around the mixer...and as the trays of tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantros made their way into the mixer I saw Kata lift her little sleeve and put it against her mouth...and all I could think of...was oh, dear God, she's going to gag...all over the salsa.

So in a move that only mothers, jugglers and some of our aunts/godmother/grandmothers extraordinaire can do...I swooped in...while carrying Bella and an open camera...grabbed Kata and ran for the nearest exit...no, not the one that was clearly labelled Salida...but the nearest one...as I swung the door open...instructing Kata all the time to "breathe deeply"...I found myself behind...what else...the bar!!! A few of the early patrons looked a little stunned to find themselves confronted with a mother juggling a toddler, a gagging preschooler and a camera...but there I was amongst all this alcohol that apparently in my hour of need, I couldn't drink...an equally stunned employee gently guided me to the exit around the bar (not clearly marked need I add?)...and I took Kata outside for some fresh air.

The good news is...she just kinda dry heaved so...the news story didn't have to read "Chevys Closes for Deep Cleaning After Preschool Visit Goes Awry."

We went back in to the restaurant...and Kata having created the drama...decided to snack on chips and the aforementioned salsa...the whole time. Go figure.

The kids also got to make their own tortillas...and in a total surprise...Chef had meat and cheese prepared at our table when we returned...so we enjoyed soft tacos.

Bella at the Tortilla Making Machine...

Kata enjoying her turn at the Tortilla Machine.

And to end our excursion on a sweet note, he invited the kids back in the kitchen and scooped up ice cream in those yummy-licious fried sweet tortilla cones...I let Kata wait at the table for fear of another episode...but happily there was none...

So with our bellys full, we exited holding our Kids Meal Free coupons for next time. When the moderator of the board asked Kata what she thought of the tour...she said "It rocks."

And it did...rock...wishing you some chips, salsa and a rocking moment this weekend...minus the dry heaves and gags!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun! I'd love to have an industrial mixer.