All Things...I Approve This Message.

Alex asked me today...why do they always say "I am so-and-so and I approve this message" in political commercials?...We're getting the full blast of the pre-caucus commercials and visits...here's who stopped by our little city today...

The above pic (great angle) is Barack speaking to the UNR crowd at 8:15 this morning...where was I...trying desperately to rush the kids into clothes and out the door...on our way to school...sigh...by the way, look at that crowd...you know it takes a *lot* to get students anywhere at 8:15 in the morning...but you're speaking to a night owl who purposefully used to schedule her classes after 10 a.m....maybe that's why my bachelor's is in Political Science.

Chelsea with America Ferrera were at some of my favorite places...Java Jungle and the Chocolate Bar...where was I...dropping off Alex no doubt...coulda been sharing a mocha and discussing the Writers Strike just a few blocks from our house with my new BFFs...sorry Lorraine, you know I don't mean it, honey.

And oh yes, just to show that I am an all around equal opportunity kind of person...Mitt Romney...he was at a hotel by the airport early this afternoon...where was I??? Trying to fold the last of that laundry...'tis okay that I skipped that one.

Wishing you a little time so you can get out there and make your choice heard.

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