All Things TV.

So with the Winter Storm Warning in effect, Alex and I braved the monsoon like elements and went out to tour our Fox Channel 11 station with the rest of the Cub Scout den...Alex loved the fact everything was computerized and had buttons...

They explained commercials to the boys so now they may pay more attention to them...at least they are beginning to understand the term "revenue generating"...Ken wishes I did as well...ahem...guess I had to pay attention in those Accounting Classes at grad school...oops.

Alex loved the Control Room...and the fact they let him press buttons in post-production...he was also the first one to sit and be on TV...he could hardly wait...I am certain his 15 minutes of Fame are not up yet...watch out Anderson Cooper!!

Wishing you a ray of sunshine...and hoping we get not-so-very-much snow tomorrow....

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