All Things TGIF.

Happy Friday everyone...a picture of what makes us happy today...from Left to Right...starting at the top -
  1. A wet dog - fresh from rolling around in the mud, i.e. what's left after the snow melted.
  2. A 5lb bag of Mike & Ikes - the potty training bribe...yes, we're in it for the long haul.
  3. Quilts, quilts and more quilts - nothing like a nap in a handmade quilt.
  4. Winter Crocs - God love the people at Crocs...they made them for snow bunnies like us.
  5. Mt. Rose - the view from our back windows...right now.
  6. Bella, the Potty Goer - no more need be added.
  7. Crochet - I am expoloring crochet once again.
  8. Shark Gate - Added to Kata's elephant collection is a San Jose Shark version of a gray elephant. Thanks Maka for the gift that won't leave her side!
  9. Clean Towels - I am almost to the Zen Point in Laundryland...where everything is almost clean, folded and dare I say it....put away?

Wishing you a weekend filled with the Things You Love Right Now. And hey, if you're in NV...go to your Caucus!!!

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