All Things Monday.

Happy Monday. No school today in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. so we're staying at home and hanging out. The day greeted us with snow, snow and more snow. We accumulated about 6-inches...and it finally seems to have slowed down.

Our blessings today include two high school kids who were collecting money for the Basketball Team raffle...oh, and they volunteered to shovel our driveway if we purchased three more raffle tickets...you've got a deal kiddos! And you know what? They actually did a great job!

Our other blessing today?? Well that Papa John's delivers. And their driver loves driving in chains...God bless her...that warm gooey pizza was just what we needed on a cold, blizzardy day.

And lastly, thank goodness for the Snow Plow dudes...here they are in the dark of night...plowing our street...God bless them, too.

Wishing you a warm, gooey, chewey moment on a cold day with snow plow dudes to make your morning commute easier.

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