Happy Dirt-Day Bubby!

Okay, it's been a while since I posted...what can I say - I'm bringing Overworked and Really Tired...back (thanks JT for the hook!)
Here's our April Top 5 -

5. We survived another Easter without Ken dropping Greek Red Egg Dye (read: extremely quick acting and permanent)...

4. Alex turned *8*!!!!

3. He had a fabulous birthday party at the Planetarium complete with friends, watching the "Ultimate Universe", making a planet mobile and eating lots of yummy galactic cake.
2. Alex had his 2nd Grade Recital aptly titled "How Does Your Garden Grow?" He got to play the Rhythm Sticks.

1. On the last day of April, Alex got his braces!

And the grandparents came and spoiled us one and all!

So as you can see it was All About Alex month. The girls were busy going to school and getting into trouble...and if you're Bella...well...it's not hard to sneak some cake into your mouth when no one is looking..."Happy Dirt-Day, Bubby"...was how she sang the song. Happy Dirt-Day indeed!

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Reign of Reason said...

This is great!!! Keep posting Sophie!