Go Bears!

Alex anchors the Tug-O-War

All around the Limbo World...

Potato Sack races....

Cheating at Potato Sack Races?? See the foot sticking out??

Wishes do come true...especially when made on weeds
that are not on our lawn...

Dainty style hot dog eating by Bella.

Alex crosses over to Bear.

Den 6. New Bear Cubs.

Proud Daddy and Proud Sissies.

Phew. What a day. We had Alex's Cub Scout end of year BBQ and ceremony at Galena Creek. Limbo, Potato Sack Races, Tug-O-War, hot dogs, burgers, watermelon and cookies. Truly a fun end of year rite of passage.

And then the rite. Our little Wolves became Bears and shed their yellow kerchiefs for light blue. Watching Alex walk over a literal bridge laden with symbolism made this Mama a little misty eyed. One week left. One week and then Summer Vacation. And as of July 9th (remember we're in that Year Round School Thang), Third Grade. Not a baby anymore. A little ol' bear cub. All I can say is "Go Bears!"