Top O' the Mornin'!

Well, the day started off well with green pancakes and green eggs...no ham, we're bacon people. We've done the green breakfast thing for four years now. Bella just stared at us all as she chewed her green food...probably wondering what color would be on the menu tomorrow...perhaps red...or Kata's favorite pink!

We still miss the Dublin, CA parade and the pancakes at the firehouse with the firefighters (their annual fundraiser always got a lot of attention because not only did the firefighters make and serve breakfast but you got to eat it in the firehouse) but doing our own thing is pretty cool. Then the kids took out the fairy wings and their leprechaun hats and we were off to St. Patty's Land. They had lots of green coins distributed throughout the house and had treasure hunts for the pot of gold. Yes, there really was a pot of gold. Well, a cauldron of sorts...with plastic gold coins...shhhh, don't tell them. It was almost like we were back in San Ramon gearing up for a festive day in Dublin.

Not sure how the day will end but it's certainly been fun! Hope you had your fill of mirth and merriment and some Irish-style libations! If not, get yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms...that works as well!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Fairies and Leprechauns

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