All Things The Graduate.

I remember, only eight years ago, walking Alex to his first preschool class. I wanted to stay there all day with him. He didn't even cry. He walked over to the train table and started playing with the train and redesigning a track. I walked back to my car and sat there with the car idling, tears rolling down my face. When I got to work, all red eyed from my Ugly Cry Moment, my friends had a Starbucks coffee and a box of Kleenex waiting on my desk. Thank you Cheryl and Susan. I needed you today as I watched Alex performing his little skit with his BFF, Ryan.

He's done with Elementary School now and ready to start Middle School. I still want to sit in that car and cry.

I mean look at him?? He seems confident and eager and well, like he doesn't need me any more. It's just like that very first day at preschool.

Isn't that the purpose of us as parents, though? To prepare them so they don't need us one day. I'd like to think so but I can tell you from where I sit that I still talk to my Mom and Dad every day. I still need them for advice and comfort.

I know he'll be the same way, calling Ken and I up to discuss a work situation or to explain the latest accomplishment of his kids.

From where I sit, though, I still remember that day and think of the journey he and I have taken so far. It's been quite a trip and just think the excitement that awaits us in Middle School.

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