All Things Bend It Like Beckham.

In the Fall, Alex is going to not play soccer for the first time since he was four years old. There are lots of fun and new activities to look forward to in Middle School and we want him to try those out first.

So it was a bittersweet moment to watch his last soccer game this season. The girls sat in their chairs, patiently, cheering him on. Okay, well, they were eating their snacks.

And Alex (red shirt, number 3) played hard.

It's been great watching him play soccer for so many years. He's come a long way from those very early games on the smallest of fields. Along the way, he's learned the fundamentals of the game. But most of all, he's learned what it means to be a part of a team and how to always bring his best game to the field. That lesson was worth all those early mornings, late afternoons and temperamental weather moments.

And to us, his parents and sisters, he was the MVP in every single game. Those are the things that are truly important in life. Play hard, Bubby!

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