All Things A-Camping We Will Go.

At the end of the year, the Fifth Graders at our elementary school get to go on a 4-day, 3-night camping trip at Sierra Nevada Journeys.

The entire experience is designed for the kids to experience fun, hands-on style learning in a natural environment. It's really a wonderful way to prepare them for the independence required in Middle School.

But...did you feel the "but" coming?

But, it was the first time neither Ken nor I went with Alex on such an adventure. Yes, it was heavily chaperoned with both teachers and parents. But, we didn't go. We sent him along, fairly well prepared, and you know what happened?

You can probably feel this one coming too, eh?

He did great. In fact, he had an amazing time. He still tells us these funny and sweet stories about his adventures.

So here's the lesson learned for us, once again: sometimes you have to let go. And so we did. And things turned out just fine. Do you think the lesson is learned? Nope, neither do I. Stay tuned, folks, stay tuned.

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