All Things Every Dog Has His Day.

As June approached, we were down to Bella's last days at Sunflower Preschool and we thoroughly enjoyed their annual Bring Your Pets to School Day.

As Bella and Becks walked around the circle and chatted with all the other students, I was reminded of the nursery rhyme, "He followed her to school one day which was against the rules..."

There is nothing in life quite like a loyal canine companion. And in Becks, we have found just that. Bella, especially, has bonded with him and he with her. They have an understanding and it's fun to watch.

It's also fun to see how they've both grown up. They are now tolerant of new experiences and spaces and they're no longer fearful. Kindergarten will be starting soon. You can bet that Becks will be following her to school.

Do you remember your first pet? Take a minute and think of them now and all those wonderful times you shared.

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