All Things Splash.

We've had some incredibly hot days here lately. As Auntie Daphne, who visited us in July and graciously took these photos, likes to say about the temperature - it's something-stupid. It really is just that. Our temps have been hovering around the century mark for what seems like weeks now.

For us, the answer to all that heat is to take out our beloved Slip 'N' Slide. The one water toy we have managed to preserve from season to season. It's seriously lasted almost five years. And that's a Riggsby household record because we love to puncture inflatable toys. By accident, of course.

So in order of appearance in the pictures above. We have Bella with an assist from Ken. Kata. And Alex, who this summer learned how to slide all the way to the end. Way to go, Dude. He gleaned his technique from Ken. 'Cause I so don't Slip 'N' Slide. Well, not on purpose anyway. And my slips and slides usually involve icy paths and boots with heels.

But not for Ken. He braves it all. Showing our kids the accurate manner of Doing It the Right Way.

And then I spied this little gem of a reminder. For those who need a little help reading small print like me, the warning label reads: "WARNING: Not for Adult Use". Feel free to draw your own conclusions.


Ladybug said...

So Russ and I were looking at this post and when we got to Ken at the end of the slip n slide all we could both say, in unison...OMG!!!!

But that would totally be Russell, 10 yrs ago. BTW, was Ken sore the next day????

katarinas mama said...

No, fortunately, he wasn't sore. I know that would totally be Russ. Come on, even now. He could do it. And stick the landing!!!

Freeman Family said...

Great way to beat the heat!! I'm so glad you're back!!(to blogging)

katarinas mama said...

I know you've done it too, Mrs. Freeman!! But your DH prolly doesn't join in the fray, eh??

When I'm not blogging, I'm trying to write a story. So you know the reverse is true as well!! :) If I'm blogging said story is going Nowhere Fast. LOL. Always a balance!

Freeman Family said...

Cannot wait to read it!!

katarinas mama said...

Awww, Kathy. This is a project that's going to take me literally years. A long road ahead. Great. You know how I love long trips (reference to my carsick tendencies). LOL. I promise to give you a preview one of these days when there's a smidge of Something Concrete.