All Things Veggietales.

Even when we were first married and living in our one bedroom condo, Ken and I always grew vegetables in pots on the balcony. Tomatoes. Peppers. Cilantro. Yeah, we wanted fresh salsa.

But somehow when we moved to the High Desert, we never even tried to grow anything here. The marshland quality of our soil is hostile to say the least. So one day right after Memorial Day this year, Baka and I were perusing the isles of Costco and we came across three tomato plants. They were healthy. And cheap. And I thought, why not just plant them in with the roses in the backyard and see what happens. It was an experiement that cost $7.99.

The kids were thrilled. So of course as we tend to do, we overdid it a little. We also planted zucchini, melon and sunflower seeds. And our little garden grew to huge proportions even though only the tomatoes and zucchini took hold.

We're in the process now of watching the vegetables ripen. One night this week, Ken pushed aside the gigantic zucchini plant and discovered this little marvel - our very first zucchini. The kids were thrilled.

So immediately, I plotted its demise and made it into two loaves of zucchini bread. One lemon and one blueberry. We're happy to tell you that they were both delicious.


Ladybug said...

Ok so in my vision memories...Bella's pose is SSOOO like her mama!! I can totally see you standing on the call center floor with YOUR hand on your hip!!!

katarinas mama said...

LOL. I never ever did that, did I?? *giggles* So many people say she looks more like Ken that I secretly do love it when someone mentions she looks like me!! Thanks Cheryl!!