All Things Bug Juice.

"Camping - the art of getting closer to nature while getting farther away from the nearest cold beverage, hot shower and flush toilet -Author Unknown."

We have cleverly managed to avoid actual camping for the last three years of Cub Scouts. But, you know, there's only so far you can get with that tactic. So this year instead of the usual Day Camp sign up, we enrolled...okay correction, Ken the Brave & Bold husband and father...signed up for a four day camping extravaganza at Camp Fleishchmann. If you click on the link, it will take you to another scout troop enjoying their outdoorsy experience about three years ago at the same location. Well, the camp is still there. Along with a copious amount of dirt, bugs and well, Port-O-Potties.

Here's the set up that my two brave boys slept in for a total of three glorious nights. I wish I could now enclose the transcript of the actual texts I received from Ken that first day. They involved the spotting of a fascinating number of insects all within the confines of the tent, the sighting of a bear by an early morning jogging Dad (not Ken, for those of you wanting to know), the breaking of the one can of Deep Woods Off I insisted he take and the Mess Hall disaster where tomato paste was confused with tomato sauce on their one and only meal. And to think, that was all on Day One.

But, they seemed to settle in and things got better. Alex whittled a lot. We have proof of that whittling from the pile of sticks he brought home. Please feel free to forward all stick craft project ideas to me. Right now, they are piled high next to the tomato plants in our back yard.

He learned the sport of archery. This was indeed very cool.

He climbed a wall. Now, often I can be seen climbing walls but my climbs involve emotions not harnesses. And for a kid who used to claim he was "scared of heights", he did amazingly well.

His favorite part by far was singing all the songs. Oh and yes, we now have a goofy collection of them. Including the reigning favorite, "I'm a Little Tea Pot" set to Queen's "We Will Rock You". Yeah, I can see you picturing that right now.

But there was pure joy in his face.

And he learned to make fire...

And he sang more songs, made s'mores and told scary ghost stories.

Nothing like a moment where you enjoy nature for the first time. I prefer doing that on a stroll along our marshland. Or a hike up one of our mountains. Camping for me involves a motel, hot and cold running water and yes, a potty that flushes. But I'm proud of my boys and their first camping experience together. These are the little moments that become significant memories later on.


BookMamma said...

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL CUB SCOUTS!! As soon as Finn & Eli are old enough I'm enrolling their butts whether they like it or not! I've wanted to be a Cub Scout mom ever since we saw the little "3rd leg" on the ultrasound...

It sounds like they made it through despite the mishaps & had a great time!

katarinas mama said...

It's truly an unforgettable experience. Glad they went. Glad we're not in Girl Scouts - yet. And glad that Girl Scouts generally do overnight camps. I can survive most anything for 24 hours. I'm thinking of labor, of course.

I can hardly wait for your Cub Scout posts. They will be hysterical and poignant.

Tracy said...

Just the word camping sends terror down my spine! It looks like they had a grand time camping (a concept that escapes me) and I am sure there will be excitement to do it again next year.

katarinas mama said...

TP, they're doing the Camping Thing again next weekend. This time only one night and yes, with the Scouts again. But at Lake Tahoe. Should be lovely. If there aren't any t-storms or bears. And I'm sure both are in a forecast somwhere!! :)