All Things Now You're Five.

I cannot believe our youngest turned five. It's been an interesting five years to say the least. When I think back to the summer six years ago and our decision to move out of the Bay Area and here to Reno, all I remember is stress. Then to add to it, we found out that we were expecting Bella. It couldn't have happened at a more "magical time" (yes, that's sarcasm). I mean, we hit most of the major stresses in the same exact instant: a big move, a new job and hey, your third kid. I remember laughing about it with Ken.

And now look at us, six years later, we're a family of five with our youngest turning five. We're ready for the next milestones: Kindergarten, learning to read, learning to tie your shoes. I know they're all baby steps but wow, there's no turning back. Thank God.

Speaking of turning back, that's Puppy Potty Training Barbie. Yes, there's one out there and yes, we bought it. Now you know the answer to: who would buy such a thing?

A giant package arrived from Baka and Djedo. Please note her excitement. Also the look on Alex's face which sums up his feelings of "Great, another doll...."

Kata had to quickly get out her American Girl doll as well.

And Ken had to grab a catalogue and get into the picture. Can't you all see him at the American Girl restaurant making sure that the dolls have good seats for their tea?? I know, I can.

We told Bella that she could pick out all the activities that day. So we went to see "Marmaduke" in the theater and we enjoyed lunch at Fuddrucker's in their Wolf Pack booth.

She saved the best part for last, because we went to play Glow In The Dark Mini Golf at Wild Island.

The moment we realized it was pirate themed, our excitement was palatable. Can't you tell??? Arrrrrrggggghhhhh. Yes, I'm lapsing into pirate talk. Why not?

For those of you who know me entirely too well, there's my Hot Boy with Sword. Okay, a true blue HBWS wouldn't wear glass but you know, I like it when he sees things clearly.
And Alex felt at home, of course. I mean what 11 year old boy, wouldn't?

I snuggled up to the Kraken. Okay, it's a squid but work with me.

And we all thanked Bella for choosing a great family activity!!

We came home just in time for cake. Happy Birthday to our big FIVE year old!

May every one of her days be filled with magical wishes that all come true.


Katie said...

lol I know you couldn't pass up the hot boy
with sword comment!

Aw, what a fun birthday for Bella!!! She's
so cute! I'm sure Ken and Alex will be tricked into
having tea parties in no time

katarinas mama said...

Trust me, both Alex and Ken have been tricked into tea parties already. LOL.

As for HBWS, it was truly Ken's comment. Something to the effect of, "Here's you Hot Boy with a Sword..." ROTFL.