All Things Hoop Dreams.

It's the sixteenth anniversary of the movie, "Hoop Dreams". I remember when it came out, Ken was still coaching High School Basketball and I thought that every parent of every player should see the movie. Promise me that if you haven't seen it that you will, especially if you're a coach or if you have a kid playing a competitive sport.

The movie is about dreams and talent and the reality of life. It's so much more than a sports movie. It really depicts how the road to Dreams Coming True is paved with major obstacles the least of which is that while there are thousands of great high school basketball players there are only so many spots on college teams and even less in the NBA.

Arthur Agee was one of the stars of the film. Except that this film was actually a documentary and the script was his life. He was in town promoting the anniversary of "Hoop Dreams" and Ken and Alex went to a special Meet and Greet for Aces/Big Horns fans.

Alex is pictured with Arthur. I hope one day that Alex will watch the movie with Ken and I and understand fully what Arthur said to him, "I'm just trying to get the message out." What's the message? Stay in school, kids. Live out your dreams but be cognizant of the odds.

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