All Things Father's Day Pizza Party.

Ah, the time for Father's Day Pizza party at preschool had arrived. While it's similar to the Mother's Day Tea Party, it's not. You see all these dads/grandfathers/uncles/godfathers show up on a weekday afternoon to eat pizza and watch a show put on by the very excited students.

Do you guys see Bella? Her excitement is well palatable, isn't it? Especially when she was all done singing and got to run up to her Daddy carrying that special gift.

This year, Ken got a rock. Okay, it's a functioning paperweight/rock. I'm sure it's representative of his role in Bella's life. He is her rock. I know my Father is mine, still to this day. My anchor. And Ken's the wind which propels me forward. Together these two men make me soar in a careful and positive direction.

Hoping that all the dads I know had a wonderful Father's Day and that it was filled with love and heartfelt moments.

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