All Things Hot August Nights.

I've blogged about our appreciation for the Biggest Little City in the World before, but we do love living here in Reno. And we do love certain events that happen during the summer - like Hot August Nights.

What's better than watching classic cars cruising by on a hot summer evening? Well, except this was an unexpectedly cool summer evening. In fact, the previous day our temperatures plunged about 30-degrees and the mountains enjoyed some early hail. Fortunately, small things like weather conditions never stop us from enjoying our traditions, so off we went to downtown Sparks on a random weekday late afternoon.

And immediately, Kata spotted what we quietly referred to as Mommy's Next Car. Yes, a two seater, red convertible. Mhmm, that'll do.

We posed next to an old fire engine just for the sake of Auntie Angie and Uncle Dave. And all of our brave, fire fighting cousins up in Washington. We were waving at all of you. See? Okay, no one would wave for me.

We pretended that yes, the train was going to Hogwarts. Where else would it go?? Straight through the Sierras and to Hogwarts, please.

A shot of the old railroad station for some of my Western themed loving friends (that would be you, Lorraine). Wow. The elevation reads 4,413 feet. Mhmm. We do live up high.

But even if it's a little chilly, there was always room for ice cream.

And some high-fives from cruising cars.

It was all about the high-fives this year.

Until well, it was time to go. Because the revving of engines and their subsequent back-firing sounded too much like fireworks. And no amount of ice cream could cure the feeling of We're So Very Done Here.

Wishing you a classic moment today - a car, a book, a favorite memory. Go enjoy it. Until it gets to be too much and then by all means, please, stop. We did.


Freeman Family said...

I love the community events, ribs, balloons, cars it's all good!!

katarinas mama said...

It is all literally good. :)