All Things Happy Campers, Part Deux.

A few weekends ago, Ken and Alex went off on yet another camping trip. This time it was just the Cub Scouts in Alex's Den. And it was only an overnight trip. To a gorgeous campground right on Lake Tahoe.

I mean even a sunrise can look good there right??

The obligatory s'mores.

And frolicking in the lake.

So you're asking what did the girls and I do?? Well, we stayed up late. So late that they got some sort of crazy Second Wind in them and not knowing what to do, I plugged "Pride and Prejudice" into the DVD player and assured them it was a lovely story. Immediately, Bella began to count the horsies in the movie. They fell fast asleep and I stayed up to make sure Mr. Darcy still did The Right Thing.

The next morning, I was in dire need of coffee so off we went to Starbucks and Doughboy Donuts.

Because pink sprinkles always wake us up. And they have these Big Boy donuts that are not to be believed.

And then early in the afternoon, our favorite officer and gentleman stopped by - Uncle Rick. We couldn't ask for a better weekend - adventure, romance, sugary treats and friends.

Wishing you a weekend filled with just those ingredients - enjoy.

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