All Things Return to Camp Fleischman.

Such an exciting moment when our Bubby leaves for Boy Scout Camp. This year, he and Ken were going to be gone for an entire week and the girls and I were going to be all alone...can you see their excitement?? I promised lots of Girl Sleepover Moments!

In the mean time, the boys settled into their surroundings...Troop 15's sign is proudly posted.

And they settled into their routine, which included lots of work on Merit Badges.

Scouts certainly have their share of chores.

But they have their share of fun, as well. Alex says that the best part of Scout Camp were the kayaks he got to check out. He loved getting overturned in them and ending up in the water.

In the mean time, Bella passed her Kindergarten Evaluation and is officially a Kindergartner!!! Yes, she dressed herself and received her first "howl" -- a positive reinforcement slip that her school uses.

Finally, we have all of them enrolled in the public school system. Didn't think that this was possible five years ago. Which makes me want to think ahead -- where will we be in five more years? Take a moment to think that through.

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