All Things I Brake for Werewolves.

So one day after picking up the girls, Alex nudges me and says, "Look Mama, a werewolf..." I turn and spot a jogger, dressed in denim cut-offs and I laugh out loud. Clearly, my kids are as supernaturally obsessed as I am. No, I couldn't resist snapping this photo with my phone because, well you know, I found it funny.

I actually stopped my car to let him cross the street but was laughing too hard to snap the picture right at that moment. So to the person behind me, who waited patiently while I took the picture -- thank you.

For the rest of you reading this, well, yeah I am that silly Mama driving in front of you. Did you not see the Twilight decal on my car?? It should say, I Brake for Werewolves. Of course, you all know, I prefer vampires, right? Right?!? Anyone still taking me seriously?? Please don't. Now go focus on a silly moment in your life and remember to laugh about it.

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