All Things Eclipse Me.

So as I play catch up on my posts, I know that the Number One question on your mind is...did I go and see Eclipse at the Midnight Show??

Of course, I did. Silly Rabbits. I did. Not only did I see Eclipse. I saw Twilight and New Moon, too. You see my friend, Miss Snarky Blogs, and I went to a triple feature. I know you're in shock but listen, it was hot and stuffy and we didn't want to wait in line for the Midnight Show. This way, we sat in a theater and watch all three movies back to back.

It was definitely the way to see it. We traveled back to Forks. Back to the beginning when Edward was the brooding, mysterious boy in high school and Bella was the new girl.

Then during the weekend, I took my favorite Boy Child to see it. And look what we saw parked in front of our theater?? Yes, Edward's car. I looked around for him but alas, he must've been worried that he would sparkle in the sun and he probably ducked into an air conditioned theater.

Did I love the movie, you ask?? I LURVED it. LURVED it. The best of the three, so far. If you haven't seen it...hop into your "stupid, shiny Volvo"...I mean, car, and go catch it. Trust me, it's good.

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