All Things You Get the Limo Out Front.

Chalk this up to another valuable life lesson.

You see, at Double Diamond Elementary School children are given either Howls or Growls (the school mascot is a coyote, thus the theme) as part of their Encourage Good Behavior Incentive Program. I'm sure you remember those from your own school days. Mine involved a negative focus -- detention.

But, things have changed and now you can collect your Howls and turn them in for little prizes from the Treasure Chest in the Principal's Office or...you can try to save them for a REALLY BIG prize.

Kata seemed to gather her fair share and when Ken realized it, he encouraged her to save them and see how many she could accumulate by the end of the school year. Well, she did and the reward was a limo ride and lunch with the Principal.

This was just a portion of the first and second graders. I believe they had three trips scheduled in order to accommodate all the students. And you wonder why we love our current Principal, Dr. Moller? Simply put, she rocks.

Yes, that's Bella. Laying plans for her own First Grade Limo Ride, no doubt.

The look below says it all. See what happens when you work hard?

Hoping you find your own rock-star moment today.


marye~ said...

How awesome is that. Tell Kata that my kids couldn't earn a limo ride for Howls, and that's saying a lot since they're home-schooled!

katarinas mama said...

ROTFL. That's why they couldn't earn Howls. If I home-schooled, there would be only Growls and no prizes as a result. I so admire your home schooling. But sadly, it just isn't something I could do -- eeek.

stephdc said...

Oh wow, I bet that was an awesome experience! Something she'll always remember ;) Too cool

katarinas mama said...

Oh, Steph, thanks for commenting!! Yes, she's sure to remember it (and her hard work to get there) always. Such a cool thing for our school to do. That's why our Principal rocks!!