All Things Tea Party.

I admit that I just love Tim Burton so imagine my delight when I saw that he was doing a version of "Alice in Wonderland"??

Kata, as you know, adores everything that's dark fantasy (remember how much she loves Coraline?) and for months, she was begging me to take her to the movie. Well, I did and you know what?? We loved it. Absolutely LOVED it.

It paid perfect homage to the Disney original cartoon version. Johnny Depp was sad, mad and absolutely perfect for the role of Mad Hatter and oh, his relationship with Alice reminded me a little of the Scarecrow's relationship with Dorothy in "Wizard of Oz". And wow, the ending was INCREDIBLE.

If you have a little girl who is not terribly afraid of movies like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" or the original "Snow White", take her to see this version of Alice. Here's to strong girl characters everywhere! Thank you, Mr. Burton, for creating yet another masterpiece.

Oh yes, and then we had to stop and take a picture by Mommy's Movie Obsession. No further comments are needed.

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