All Things Leprechaun Trap.

Kata's First Grade teacher gave the family a fabulous assignment : to build a Leprechaun Trap. Now, some of you have probably gone through this ritual. We haven't and we're so glad that with three kids, we are sure to hit every possible holiday celebration out there!

I started by googling "leprechaun trap". Who knew that this was quite the Thing To Do? We were informed that they like shiny things, rainbows, green, flowers and gold. So we hit my scrapbook stash. You all knew that collecting years of those supplies would come in handy one day, right?

We even added a little Leprechaun Friend. Hoping that if the real Leprechaun saw it, it would just hop in based on potential kinship. Well, who said a Mama's Logic isn't sometimes faulty?

Hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day celebration. Or at least, you spent it on the couch watching what else? March Madness!

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