All Things Mama Made Us Walk to School With Snow On the Ground

It was one of those blustery, snowy, freeeeeeezing mornings when I didn't want to take my car out and drive them to school. Seriously, it was an ice rink out there.

So I glanced outside and declared that we're walking to school.

They were all excited. And hey, it's fodder for those stories they'll tell when they're grandparents. You know the ones..."my mother made me walk to school when it was completely frozen over...and we had to walk slowly watching our breath collect in puffy white clouds as we trotted along...slipping and sliding, hoping the school bell wouldn't ring...not just yet."

Hoping you remember one of those moments today.


marye~ said...

did you totter in your heels or did you, dare I ask, wear practical shoes?

katarinas mama said...

I wore small-heeled boots, of course. LOL. As if you had to ask.... :]

Mundie Moms said...

I love that view! I WANT SNOW! lol

katarinas mama said...

Come on over, Mundie Mom!!! It's May Day and there's still the same amount of snow in the hills.