All Things New Moon.

Oh you, expected this post, right? Yes, for all of you who know, I am by all means "one of those" Twilight obsessed people. And well, because I have kids, I take it to a whole other extreme.

For example, on the day of New Moon's Premiere, Bella (no, she's not named after the main character, I solemnly swear!) and I ventured into Burger King for lunch. And well, look who we, literally, ran into. Yes, Edward. To all my Twilight Mom Friends, yes, it's Edward and Bella!

Edward may be a vegetarian vampire, but Bella and I enjoyed his burgers nonetheless. And the fries. Oh, also the commemorative cup of Diet Coke. Why not?

Then, yes, my two wrist bands. There a was a showing of "Twilight" prior to the Midnight Show of "New Moon". So, let me just say, that there are definite advantages to being an adult because you immediately purchase tickets to both shows. That way, you don't have to wait in line. Just sit in the warm theater reciting lines and giggling with your friends.

Okay, see, this is proof that I'm not the only one? Really, I'm not. Our local yogurt shop, U-Swirl, is also "bitten". By the way, if you haven't stopped by U-Swirl on Damonte Ranch, do so. They're yogurt is Beyond Divine and no, not just for the Twilight Tie-In!

The best part of it all was seeing this sign as we walked out. Yes, folks, the saga continues this summer with "Eclipse".

Or the next day, when I received a little package from a Twilight Mom Friend Who Shall Not Be Named in which there was a Prince Caspian ornament (okay, it's the actor, Ben Barnes, but work with me people - it's still funny). It reminded me that next year at this time Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be released. I am suppressing a silent squee.

Oh, and my darling son, made me my own Vampire Edward ornament. Because he loves his Mama. It says, "Be Safe at Xmas, Mama" on the back. For those wondering, he did indeed design, color and complete it himself.

Just as an aside for those friends and family who are reading this and wondering What In Heavens? My love of Twilight has introduced me to some incredible women - creative, fun, funny, challenging. I am very lucky to know you all and you all know who you are.

For those who haven't read the Twilight Series, go on and read the books. Fabulous, romantic, sometimes silly drivel but at it's heart are some important themes - love, family and sticking together in spite of it all. Now, at the very least, go see the movie. This one is actually good.


Katie said...

*coughs* That's a beautiful BB ornament you've got there.

Your family is truly adorable! Love the Santa picture and you with your sweetheart.

Can you come do my blog now? lol

katarinas mama said...

Thanks darlin'. Yes, I wonder who that thoughtful person was *hmm*.

katarinas mama said...

YES!! I'll do your blog - LOL. Of course.