All Things Vampire Baseball.

It all started with the exciting news that Reno was getting their very own AAA baseball team, the Reno Aces. The above is a picture of the new stadium. You can imagine the excitement in our sports filled household. I'm trying to relate it to something I would be enthused about, let me think, ah, it's almost like a Fantabulous Shoe Sale at Dillards Moment.

So the day after I took the above picture, Ken's mind was clearly residing in Clever Land because my phone recieved a series of texts. My darling hubs, as usual, picked up on everything sports related in my Twilight obsession. While I was on a playdate with Kata, he and Maka, Alex and Bella attempted to play baseball in the park. Here's the transcript of his texts complete with the pictures he sent -

Text: "Cue the Vampire Baseball Music" -

Text: "Bella's going to play baseball?"

Text: "Vampires play baseball? It's the American past time."

Text: "It's time."

Text: "Victoria's not the only one with a wicked little curve ball."

File Under - Reasons Why I Love My Husband. He can make baseball interesting for his Non-Sport-O-Wife by quoting her favorite movie. Nice.

Wishing you a moment where someone surprises you with their thoughts, intellect and ability to please you. Hmm. Amazing indeed.

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